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How To Be A Great Speaker For Your Event

by writer

If you are planning an event or seminar and want things to go well, then you know that one of the most important things that must happen is that you must find a keynote speaker that has the experience to deliver a great speech. Hiring a professional who can grab your audience's attention right from the start is critical if you want to make sure that your audience stays in their seats.

But once the keynote speaker has finished their job, you are going to need to continue the momentum by giving your speech. When this time comes, it is important that you are prepared if you want your event to be memorable.

We recently held an event where Nile Rodgers delivered a surprise keynote speech and students were asking us how they can learn to deliver a great speech like him. Here are some tips for you to ensure that your presentation goes well:

Fear Of Public Speaking

The first thing you need to do is overcome any fear that you may have. The most effective way to overcome fear is to face it head on. You will be surprised how quickly the fear of the unknown goes away once it is no longer the unknown. In fact, did you know that even some of the best motivational speakers get nervous?

Practice makes perfect, so the more you present, the easier it will become. The easiest way to become versed in public speaking, and comfortable with it, is to do it as often as you can. Take the bull by the horns, so to speak. This is true with most things in life, and is very much so the case when it comes to overcoming your fear of speaking in public.

You may think now that you will always dislike speaking in front of a crowd, but once you have done so a few times, your fear will diminish and you may even come to enjoy it. My advice, do not shirk away from the opportunities to speak aloud, in fact, do the opposite and volunteer for these opportunities every chance you get.

Get Excited Before Speaking

One of the best ways to prepare for your speech is to psyche yourself up. Talk positively to yourself to rid feelings of negativity. This is an opportunity for you to shine. Your irrationality may be telling you otherwise, you have to exert control over that and know that only good things are going to come from your speech. Tell your inner voice that is saying, "No, I cannot do this," that of course you can. You have control over how you think.

Visualize yourself doing a spectacular job and know that that is what is going to come to fruition. Know too, that the worst that can happen is really no big deal. So what if you do make a mistake or two, the majority of your speech is going to be successful and that is what people are going to remember. Go in with the attitude that you are glad to have the opportunity to be doing this and you can make it so.

Stay Centered While Speaking

Be in control. Many who struggle with their speech feel as if they have lost control. This means controlling those things you know you can to ensure your speech is successful. Know who you are speaking to, what you are speaking about, and how long you want to speak. Research your material so that you come across as knowledgeable on the subject you are speaking about.

Practice what you are going to say over and over again until you know it like the back of your hand. Practice your tone so that you know you are coming across as a confident and well-versed speaker. Use a tape recorder if you like, or a video camera, to make sure you are projecting yourself in the manner you would like to.

When the time comes to speak, you want to arrive at the place where you will be talking prior to anyone else being there so you can get familiar with your space and set up, and to help relax any last minute nerves that might come up prior to your speech. Also make sure that you are well versed on the equipment you are going to use, if any, such as the microphone, slide projector, transparency sheets, maps, speakers, etc.

Test the equipment just prior to using it to ensure it is in working order. Make sure you have allowed yourself enough time to fix the problem, should one be present. You also want to plan ahead for incidences that could occur, such as dead batteries, broken slides, malfunctioning microphones, dried up markers, etc. Again, allow yourself ample time to fix any such small issues ahead of time so that they do not become minor catastrophes.

Appearances Can Matter Sometimes

Remember that appearances are not everything, but they sure can help. Dress for success. This means that unless you are speaking in an environment that calls for individuality and flair as the norm, that you want to dress conservatively. Make sure clothes are clean and pressed, and that shoes are not dirty or scuffed. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum and should not be gaudy in any sense. Hair should be clean and neatly styled and fingernails nicely manicured. When you look the part, you will feel the part, and others will take you more seriously in your role as speaker.